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Auxiliary processes

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Since Qualitermo is a center of excelence in plastic injection molding, we also offer auxiliary processes, aiming at delivering a complete solution to our customers.

Industrial assemblies

Qualitermo has technology and skilled staff to work with industrial assemblies of groups and subgroups of engineering plastic parts and components. We have assembly lines equipped with automated devices aiming at high performance and productivity increase. We provide the customer with a tailormade solution, either manual or automated, aiming at offering products that can be employed immediately in their assembly lines.

Hot stamping

In order to help our customer develop its design and also to expand our services, we provide hot stamping as an auxiliary service to engineering plastic injection molding of parts and components.

Ultrasonic plastic welding

With ultrasonic welding, it is possible to join parts made of amorphous or semicrystalline thermoplastics. It leads to energy saving and short cycle time, enabling higher production speed.

About injection molding

Our expertise allows us to work with any design that involves technology for injection molding of stamped and machined inserts when manufacturing engineering plastic parts.

Pad printing (Tampography)

Indirect printing process that involves ink and an imprinted image being transferred from a low relief cliché. Qualitermo employs this technology with the highest quality in engineering plastic technical parts for several industries.