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Metrology lab

Qualitermo > Metrology lab

Qualitermo owns a well-equipped laboratory and state-of-the-art metrology equipments to assure the quality of the products and that they meet the specifications in all stages of the manufacturing process.

The main high precision and measuring control equipments employed in the injection molded plastic parts we manufacture are:

– Three-dimensional CNC machine

– Optical measuring equipment

– Profile projector

– Microscopes

– Dial gauges

– Height gauge

– Digital micrometers

– Digital pachymeters

– Colorimeters

– Pulling out force test devices

– Torque wrenches

– Laser/Infrared and Contact thermometers

– Precision scales

– Calipers and standards

– Load cells

– Moisture analyzer scale for resins

– Muffle furnace to determine fiber content for resins

– Other precision equipment

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