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Mission and Values

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Qualitermo‘s Mission

To offer complete solutions in engineering plastic injection molding in order to meet the customer’s demands regarding technology, operational excellence, competitive prices and sustainability.

Our Values

Our corporate values show that we are committed to our customers, partners, employees and the society, thus working towards solutions able to meet any demands when it comes to engineering plastic injection molding. They are:


For us, transparency is very important throughout all the stages. From supporting the design and development of injection molds, to monitoring the manufacturing and delivery of the quantities produced. Our financial soundness indicates to our customer that we are reliable and honor our commitments.


We are committed to delivering complete solutions in engineering plastic injection molding of technical parts and components that require high precision sizing and higher performance. We meet the customers’ demands regarding technology, operational excellence, competitive price and sustainability.


We are a center of excellence in designing and manufacturing technical parts and injection molded microcomponents. All our workcells are automated. This ensures the process stability in the engineering plastic injection molding of technical parts that require high precision sizing. ISO 9001 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications make sure that quality is planned and monitored in all stages of the manufacturing process.


We respect the environment and work in a sustainable manner, optimizing the manufacturing processes. We invest in electric machines, since they reduce energy consumption, and search for sustainable raw materials. We promote the well-being of our employees and invest more and more in the qualification of our team.


We invest in high-end technology in order to ensure higher capability, productivity, high quality and operational efficiency in all processes. And offer an Industry 4.0-oriented service.


Ethics and respect are present in everything we do. We observe the applicable legislation and contribute to the development of a sustainable economy and a fair society.


We cultivate an ongoing relationship with the customer through our after-sales service. The after-sales is dedicated to support them all the time with an agile and effective service, coping with any demands they may have.


We work towards continuously improving our internal processes, investing in training and qualification of our employees. Our certifications guarantee high quality and accuracy in the services we deliver to our customers.