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Qualitermo employs cutting-edge machines and equipments with automated robotic processes. They aim at increasing productivity, while meeting the manufacturing demands of the national and international markets.

Our industrial process comprises production cells with injection machines (presses) with clamping force from 35 to 350 tons. The cells are preset and monitored with a management software that provides real-time information about the output, quality and productivity indicators of the Manufacturing Orders in progress, enabling visual control at the shop floor.

Our manufacturing cells comprise:
  • Electric and hydraulic injection molding machines, horizontal and vertical;
  • Automated robots;
  • Automated conveyor systems;
  • Resin Feed systems and Dehumidifiers;
  • Thermoregulators and Temperature controllers;
  • Maintenance toolroom;
  • Total quality control during manufacturing process;
  • Real-time monitoring of the cells quality and productivity indicators, through a management software;
  • Manufacturing Orders are preset and monitored with a management software for plastic injection molding processes.

We own electric and hydraulic machines from the most important players in the world. They ensure higher injection molding clamp force, offer greater flexibility in the use of several sizes of molds and are energy-efficient.

The main advantages of electric and hydraulic machines with Frequency Inverter and Servo motor are:

20 to 50%
Increase in injection molding clamp force

30 to 60%
Energy recovery

Productivity and Capability of the injection processes


Together with this technology, we also focus on continuous improvement. We are permanently improving our internal processes and invest heavily in training and qualification of our employees.

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