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Injection molding of parts and components

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We offer complete solutions in engineering plastic injection molding and assembly of components, and meet our customers’ demands regarding technology, operational excellence, competitive prices and sustainability.

The high level of technology employed in our industrial facilities enables the injection molding of components and microcomponents of technical parts using high performance and higher quality engineering plastic. We are a manufacturer of insert molding and plastic injection molding parts and gears for several products and industries.

Our industrial process comprises production cells with injection machines (presses) with clamping force from 35 to 350 tons. The following are employed in the production process:

  • Robots/Industrial robotic arms,
  • Resin auto feeding systems through dehumidifiers, that enable the automatic management of the feeding system;
  • Thermoregulation system for molds;
  • Temperature controllers for hot chamber machines;
  • Automated conveyor systems.


The cells are preset and monitored with a management software that provides real-time information about the output, quality and productivity indicators of the Manufacturing Orders in progress, enabling visual control at the shop floor.


All that leads to quality assurance of engineering plastic technical parts, while working in conformity with the injection molding machine cycle.